Occupational noise

Noise is a major source of disturbance at the work place and can cause fatigue, stress and problems related to the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Noise can also have an effect on quality of work and can even cause accidents. Prolonged exposure to noise can cause irreversible occupational hearing loss, which is a recognised work-related illness.

Many countries have adopted regulations to define minimum health and safety requirements to protect workers who are at risk owing to noise. To this end, there are a number of different evaluation methods, ranging from a rough estimate to standardised exposure readings.

01dB offers the following solutions, which are suitable for use by occupational health and safety professionals:

  • The 01dB WED dosimeter and associated dBLEXD software, to evaluate employees’ levels of exposure to noise, according to ISO 9612
  • The FUSION sound level meter, to identify and analyse sources of noise in a workshop
  • CadnaR software package, to recommend and evaluate the efficiency of acoustic treatments
  • The Sensibel display unit, to keep employees informed by displaying the noise level in the premises.

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