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Occupational vibration

Vibrations at the workplace are a source of disturbance for a great number of employees. Prolonged exposure to intense levels can lead to vascular, neurological and musculoskeletal problems, affecting the upper limbs (hand-arm vibrations) or causing lower back pain and degenerative lesions to the spinal cord (whole body vibrations).

Many countries have adopted regulations to define minimum health and safety requirements to protect workers at risk as a result of vibrations:

  • vibrations which have an effect on the human body as a whole, via a supporting surface such as a seat in a vehicle
  • vibrations which have an effect only on certain parts of the human body, such as a jackhammer acting only on the hands and arms.

To measure the vibrations affecting the human body, 01dB offers the VIB vibrometer with associated dBTRAIT -HV software. It is compliant with ISO standards 8041, 5349 and 2631, and with regulatory requirements including, in particular, those imposed by European directive 2002/44/CE.

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