Vibration monitoring terminal

ORION is the new addition to the 01dB monitoring range, covering all vibrations created by human activity. Taking the best features from DUO and CUBE, ORION offers unique features for vibration monitoring.

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Key points



New standards: ISO 2631-2:1989 and ISO 2631-2:2003

Two new standards – ISO 2631-2:1989 and ISO 2631-2:2003 – released for ORION’s Occupants module (BS 6472-1 and DIN 4150-2 already available) The following indicators can now be measured:

ISO 2631-2:1989

  • Aw(k): weighted rms acceleration per axis (k)
  • AwPeak(k): weighted peak acceleration per axis (k)
  • AvTj: weighted acceleration of the three axes combined
  • A*Tj(k): recomposed acceleration between ⅓ octave F1 and ⅓ octave F2, per axis (k)
  • Weighted rms acceleration ⅓ octave spectrum, per axis (k)
  • Weighted acceleration ⅓ octave spectrum of the three axes combined

ISO 2631-2:2003

  • Aw(k): weighted rms acceleration (Wm) per axis (k)
  • AwPeak(k): weighted peak acceleration (Wm) per axis (k)
  • VDVTj(k): vibration dose value per axis (k)
  • MTVVTj(k): maximum transient vibration per axis (k)
  • Peak factor

Easy to configure

Designed to improve productivity in the field, the ORION system is easy to install and use:

  • can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • spirit level
  • automatic start-up of measurements
  • QR code to log on
  • iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps
  • web interface

Robust and hard-wearing

Perfectly suited to use on site, ORION has been designed to cope with the most extreme of conditions:

  • strong casing
  • waterproof to IP65
  • robust connectors
  • battery life of 30 hours

01dB ecosystem

The 01dB ecosystem is all about synergy between the products in its new range. ORION, FUSION, DUO, CUBE: 4 units, 4 fiels of application but one single ecosystem focused on improving your productivity. To this end, they all operate in the same way with respect to the integrated keyboard and Web interface. They use identical data processing software. And they all share the same accessories.
These complementary and innovation-packed systems offer harmonized and intuitive interfaces so as to ensure major time-savings for users.

Connected 24h

Also with the aim of improving productivity and efficiency in the field, ORION is a hyperconnected monitoring terminal: 3G modem, Wi-Fi access point, ethernet, GPS, advanced push mode, HTTP commands for integrators.

Metrological perfection

As with all the products in the range, 01dB guarantees that ORION will provide reliable and efficient measurements:

Three internal vibration channels + three external vibration channels

One microphone overpressure channel

Smart configuration and alarm thresholds in accordance with applicable standards:

  • Protection of buildings
    DIN 4150-3
    CIR 23/07/1986
    AM 22/09/1994
    BS 5228-4
    BS 5228-2
    BS 7385-2
  • Protection of occupants
    DIN 4150-3
    ISO 2631-2:1989
    ISO 2631-2:1989
    BS 6472-1
    Free mode based on PPV/DF Free mode based on spectrum envelope and/or Aw


ORION is the most complete vibration monitoring station on the market. Vibrations can be monitored, evaluated and analyzed in many situations:

  • demolition sites
  • construction sites
  • pile driving
  • explosions (mines, tunnels, etc.)
  • tunneling
  • transport (road, rail)


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